Transaction Data

Example request

You can query the status of a transaction that was sent to Blink via this endpoint${TX_HASH}.

Example response

Here is an example for the transaction hash 0x56945f027af38f4dbff9b25d7459f6bef4746ad3c8d6c8d82aa934ebdbfdb3b1.

  "status": "ON_CHAIN",
  "rpcTimestampMs": 1686937340899,
  "txHash": "0x56945f027af38f4dbff9b25d7459f6bef4746ad3c8d6c8d82aa934ebdbfdb3b1",
  "wasSentToMempool": false,
  "wasSentToAuction": true,
  "simulationError": "None",
  "backruns": 4,
  "refundEth": "0.002368625380893229",
  "backrunSuccessful": true

Here is what you would see if the transaction hasn't passed through the Blink system.

  "status": "UNKOWN",
  "rpcTimestampMs": 0,
  "txHash": "0x56945f027af38f4dbff9b25d7459f6bef4746ad3c8d6c8d82aa934ebdbfdb3b1",
  "wasSentToMempool": false,
  "wasSentToAuction": false,
  "simulationError": "",
  "backruns": 0,
  "refundEth": "",
  "backrunSuccessful": false

Response Details

It will return the following information

  • Status

    • ON_CHAIN - Transaction has been included on-chain

    • IN_AUCTION - Transaction is in the auction and has been sent privately to builders

    • IN_MEMPOOL - Transaction has exceeded it's timeout to be included on-chain and has been released to the mempool (releasing to the mempool can be disabled)

    • UNKNOWN - Blink is not aware of this transaction

  • rpcTimestampMs - timestamp at which Blink received the transaction

  • txHash - transaction hash

  • wasSentToMempool - Helps retroactively see if the transaction was released to the mempool or was sent privately

  • wasSentToAuction - Helps retroactively see if the transaction qualified for the auction

  • simulationError - Any associated errors during processing

  • backruns - Number of bundles received for the transaction hash

  • refundEth - Bid amount in the bundle

  • backrunSuccessful - Whether the bundle landed on-chain or not

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