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Welcome To Blink

MEV Recovery & Protection
Blink is a research organisation building products that enable originators (Wallets, Custodians etc.) to recover MEV value from transactions while protecting their users from front-running.
Blink generates a new revenue stream for originators & their users with a simple RPC change.
Benefits of Integrating with Blink
  • MEV Recovery: Create a new revenue stream for your business & your users
  • Front-running Protection: Protect your users from malicious MEV
  • No Failed Transactions: Prevent reverting transactions from being included on-chain

Originators & Transactions

Originators are entities such as wallets or custodians who are the origination point of the transaction.
Any entity that controls broadcasting the transaction to the network would be considered an originator.
Many transactions have inherent MEV value in them. A classic example is a DEX trade transaction that creates a back-running arbitrage opportunity between two DEXs. Blink recovers this value for the originators.

MEV Recovery

Blink recovers MEV value through an "Order Flow Auction" (OFA) where searchers bid value back to the originators to perform non-toxic MEV (ie back-running).

MEV Protection

Blink provides users with front-running protection, searchers submit their bundles to Blink and Blink ensures there are no transactions ahead of the user transaction.

Simple Integration

Blink is a simple integration requiring only an RPC endpoint change. To learn more about Blink see "Getting Started".

Get In Touch

"Originators" (Wallets, Custodians etc.) can contact us via [email protected] to discuss a custom integration.
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