Querying a Bundle

Query Bundle

Once you have submitted a bundle you may want to verify the status of the bundle. This can be achieved via https://ethauction.blinklabs.xyz/bundle/v1/{$API_KEY}?hash={$BUNDLE_HASH}

Below is an example response.

  "bundleHash": "0x9f8b0be7ba73dd049d0c13f8bee2f35ab1ba6401f07d1c60d77a7f81020fb187",
  "wasSentToRelay": true,
  "searcherAddress": "0xa81b75207dd53258c2307b64b7af15388c5592ab",
  "bidValueWei": "500000000000000",
  "blockNumber": "0x84a729",
  "timeReceived": 1666340740
  • wasSentToRelay indicates the bundle was sent onto the builder network, false indicates there was an issue with the bundle

  • timeReceived is the Unix timestamp of when the bid was received.

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