Individual Users

Individual users will be able to access Blink by updating their Wallet's RPC, just visit and click the "Get Protected" button. If you have any issues the instructions for how to manually do this on Metamask are below, this will provide Front-running protection & MEV Recovery.

Complete the following steps:

  1. Open up Metamask on your desktop and click on the network button located at the top of the wallet tile.

  2. Clicking the network button will open up another tile that shows the networks set up on your Metamask. Click "Add Network".

  3. Add Network will open a new tab where you can input the details for a new network.

    1. Network Name, the custom name for the network, we recommend "Ethereum Blink"

    2. New RPC URL, the endpoint your transactions will be sent to,

    3. ChainID, ID of the chain, 1 for Ethereum mainnet

    4. Currency Symbol, ETH for Ethereum mainnet

    5. Block Explorer URL,

    6. Click "Save"

    7. The network button at the top should have changed to the Network Name we set in 3.1 "Ethereum Blink"

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