Custom Configuration

There are a number of configurations that can be set for the "State Update Auction".

  • Builder Set

    • Which builders the transactions will be forwarded onto.

  • MEV Recovery

    • Default on, this will enable you to recover value from non-malicious MEV.

  • Gas Recovery

    • Default on, this will enable you to receive gas rebates.

  • Revert Protection

    • Default off when sent as a transaction, we have gone with this as the default because it is the standard behaviour for a normal Ethereum node when calling eth_sendRawTransaction.

      • RPC methods:

        eth_sendRawTransaction or eth_sendPrivateTransaction
    • Default on when a transaction is sent in a bundle.

      • RPC method:

    • Please note if you would like to enable this you may want to consider any UX changes you need to make to ensure your users aren't confused as to why their transaction did not land on-chain.

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